• Living single

    Living single

    Many women accept the situation they are in with a man (as a matter of fact this happens in all kinds of relationships). Thinking about their age and settling for someone just because they are scared of being alone. I too have been in a situation like that. Staying in a relationship far past the… Continue reading

  • Diverse company, a gift or demeaning?

    Diverse company, a gift or demeaning?

    I moved to the Netherlands about 8 months ago. I was looking for a job since I decided to make this move (back in Suriname). It was a stressful process but I got lucky, within a month of my move I found a job in my field and that was one of the requirments for… Continue reading

  • Trapped in fear

    Trapped in fear

    Recently some of my friends and some complete strangers who read trauma or dramatics asked about how I got robbed. Which is funny to me because I kind of thought that they (my friends) heard the story or that we’ve already talked about it. But apparently many people don’t want to ask me about it… Continue reading

  • The horrors of pregnancy

    The horrors of pregnancy

    ‘When you hold that beautiful baby in your arms you’ll forget all about the pain’ ‘Pregnancy is the most wonderful experience’ ‘You won’t regret it’ These are things many women say after they’ve delivered their babies. And when looking and listening around me I find that, indeed, I have never met anyone who regrets it.… Continue reading

  • From Yoyo-effect to Gastric Bypass to happiness

    From Yoyo-effect to Gastric Bypass to happiness

    We’d all like to think that the pressure of the media doesn’t have an effect on us. But we all have an “ideal” figure. This can be thin or thick. Either way, I’m not convinced that it’s only because of health reasons. I myself always had a certain image of how I wanted to look,… Continue reading


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  1. Well written Megan! Looking back I also experienced different racist remarks. Most of the time I did not react to…

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