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The goal of this page is to create a platform for women. I want to create a place where anyone can give input and where nothing and nobody is judged. Issues that you feel like you can’t talk about or issues that you feel like need more attention or discussing are the main point of this website.

So if there is a subject that you want me to address or a situation that you have been in and want to share ( even if you want to do so anonymously) let’s connect and make it a topic of discussion!


Hi there.
Thanks for joining me :) I hope to inspire you to open up about anything.

Will you join the conversation? This page is created to make our voices heard so if there’s anything that’s close to your heart, let me know what you want to read about!

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  1. Well written Megan! Looking back I also experienced different racist remarks. Most of the time I did not react to…

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