• Silence is betrayal #BLM

    Silence is betrayal #BLM

    You knew this was coming right? 😉 So I really had some trouble writing about this subject and that’s probably because it goes so deep and it’s so painful that I usually kind of just push everything away (in my head) and live life like the experiences I’ve had weren’t really there and that I… Continue reading

  • Cliches, lessons and ending 2019

    Cliches, lessons and ending 2019

    2019, a year full of self-discovery, intense emotions, fighting disorders and feeling every feeling wholeheartedly. Just like most people around us, I have been reflecting on this past year and trying to learn a lesson from all of it. There have been a lot of conversations sparked around me -some good, some bad- by the… Continue reading

  • Me vs. World Mental Health Day

    Me vs. World Mental Health Day

    So two things came to mind this morning (actually the past couple of weeks). For starters, the fact that I haven’t been writing for a while and secondly the fact that yesterday was World Mental Health Day. You wouldn’t guess it (well you actually could lol)… but those two things have a strong connection in… Continue reading

  • Oath to my family

    Oath to my family

    So this is a little out of character for my blog but I just got off the phone with my aunt and she really touched me. I started writing right away because I felt like I needed to say this. I am so grateful for and proud of my family. The love I have for… Continue reading

  • For the woman

    By Brittany Latham of Brittany Latham Studios “For the woman whose husband makes an ‘extra stop’ after work every evening. For the woman who is mourning the loss of a pregnancy that nobody else knew about. For the woman who was fired for her fourth tardy because she has been awake for a straight week… Continue reading


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  1. Well written Megan! Looking back I also experienced different racist remarks. Most of the time I did not react to…

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