Where women get to be..women!

Hey you,

Welcome to ‘According to Mey’! Now I see you wondering…God…Why another blog..people don’t really read anymore & there are a million bloggers/ potential bloggers out there..

Well, the thing is, as I get older, I find that there’s no real platform for me (not one that I like/feel comfy with) to share & to connect with others the way I feel I need to.

I mean, this in the sense of women all around the world who struggle with a variety of issues but often feel ALONE. Many “women” issues are not really discussed or when we try to discuss them, we are perceived as “(over)dramatic”.

So that’s where this blog comes in! You will find many subjects in my life and in the life of many other women around the world. I hope to encourage you to discuss, comment, share or email me so your words will bring potential encouragement in any woman’s (or man’s) life!

Because…according to me…we women of the world need to stick together! What’s your take on this?



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Just a millenial who loves to write, travel and hang out with friends and family!

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