Oath to my family

So this is a little out of character for my blog but I just got off the phone with my aunt and she really touched me. I started writing right away because I felt like I needed to say this.

I am so grateful for and proud of my family. The love I have for my grandparents and their kids/ grand kids is truly unconditional.

I always had the support of all of them but deep down I always struggled a little with…being me…I guess. You have to understand that my parents and their brothers and sisters are all medical or engineering professionals. My family values a higher education and they teach/(taught) us kids to value it as well. They didn’t force it upon us perse, but made us understand the value of a good education.

Me, being the oldest of all the kids basically looked up to them since I can remember. But I was also cut from a different cloth or so I thought.

First of all, it took me a million years to finish school and when I was younger I wanted to major in dance. I wrote poems since I was 14, had a -making jewelry- period, decided I wanted to be a mua, spent my money on books and supplies for fashion drawing and dreamed of designing my own fashion line some day.

Secondly I’m covered in tattoo’s, had (have) various piercings, smoke, drink and live life as freely as I can. Throw a little (a lot) anxiety in the mix and that’s me lol.

I secretly always felt like something didn’t quite go right since I didn’t have the brains for mathematics, chemistry, biology and what not, like my family did and since I felt like they were all pretty much perfect I mentally had a constant battle with myself because I was having a hard time finding myself.

As usual in these situations…I was way too much in my own head. None of my family members ever said anything to make me feel like that, as a matter of fact they’ve always told me how proud they were of me and even though they didn’t always agree with my decisions, I’ve always had their support 1000%.

Now, years later I still write and draw, enjoy blogging, public speaking and found my love in the marketing field. And even though I took another route, every single one of my family members tells me how proud they are of me. And I feel so lucky to have them around me.

That’s basically why I will always be there for them, their kids and all the other little ones there are to come! My family can count on me whenever, wherever and however they feel that they need to!

Obviously I didn’t turn out to be a drug dealing-arms dealer so you’re probably thinking what the hell is wrong with you for thinking they wouldn’t be proud. But I think, we all have fears and issues that are much bigger in our heads than they actually are in reality. You won’t know what’s really going on unless you talk to the people you are worried about and actually listen to them. Especially in conversations with my mom, I’ve realized and accepted that it’s all okay,

What I’ve basically learned in my life is that you should always try to make an effort to keep your family close to you. They will love you, annoy you, argue with you, support you, fight for you (or with you) and be there for you every step of the way in life. I know I’m lucky, because some people don’t have such a support system in their lives but if you do, cherish it because they may not always be around. And if they’re not… create your own family! ( no…I’m not saying pop a baby out, but cherish the people that you do have around you, the people that will be there for you in your rough times and your happy times!)

I hope this post makes you realize what you have and realize how lucky you are because there’s no one in your exact situation and so there’s no one who has what you have. So appreciate it yeah? 😉

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  1. My Pride!


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