School in your thirties..? That’s crazy!

No…it’s not! Just like one of my readers, I made the decision to go back to school. I got accepted to the Masters program of my choice and I’m as proud as can be! But then comes the opinions, not only from others but thoughts that spook through your head as well..

  • But you’re already so old…
  • You have such a good job, why would you sacrifice that?(I left my country, so my job as well, to pursue this goal)
  • You’re in your thirties, is that really what you want to focus on?
  • Shouldn’t you maybe think about starting a family instead of going to school?

Who’d ever think that educating yourself, furthuring your career would actually bring negative comments??

Let me tell you something, and this basically comes down to the message I have been sending out in my first and second posts as well. It is your life. There is literally no one who should tell you what to do and how to live your life.

I know this is hard because it was an even harder decision to make because of these types of comments. Usually people who care about you think that you should live your life the way they feel would be best for you. But in the end, you live it, not them. In my case, I always listen politely and give some vague answer that doesn’t hurt their feelings….but then I will continue to do what I want.

But more importantly in this case, don’t stand in your own way. If you’re not sure if it is a good idea; figure out your return on investment. What will you get out of it and are there other ways/ cheaper ways to get there. Whatever your process entails, do not base your decision on emotional thoughts you have created in your mind or fears of the unknown.

There will always be the thought of having to be in class with younger people. Juggling your work life and university life will be challenging and I imagine that there are times you just want to give up and give in to all the judgement that has been/ will be coming your way or give in to your own insecurities.

I believe the key is to focus on the pad that you created in your head. Even if it will take a little longer and even if you experience the feeling of giving up for a second. If you think about what you will reach at the end, it will all be worth it!

2 responses to “School in your thirties..? That’s crazy!”

  1. Precies! Je bent blijkbaar nooit te oud om te leren, TENZIJ je 30 bent. Dan is het ineens niet gepast en zou je ‘serieus’ moeten worden.

    Keep doing you babe! Ik ben trots op je 😉



    1. You stay young in the mind sharing the class with younger people…….


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