International Women’s day (video)

I think we all know that I could not be the writer of a women empowerment blog without writing a piece for international women’s day.

So here it is…But wait.. This time it’s a little different 🙂 Together with the most amazing artists I had the opportunity to create beautiful, meaningful art!

We decided to work on an awareness project with regards to the taboo of discussing miscarriages. You can read my full story here.

International women’s day is a day to honor all the things women have gone through all these years, the good and the bad.

Dayna Sordam

Hopefully this will inspire other women to talk more openly about the many struggles they face! This subject means a lot to me so when they asked me to be a part of this project I knew I wanted to help right away. While being interviewed I started to get emotional again. Writing about it was a different experience but when we talked about it that intensely it felt like I went through the feelings of that period all over again.

Check out Jennyfer Ross her vlog to watch this and many other awesome videos she made!

Even though so many women go through it, no one really talks about it. The big question is: Why not?

Dayna Sordam

But the funny thing is, because of the safe environment and the trust I have in the people I made this with, it felt okay. I let it all out, let my guard down and I was able to talk about it. So again, I encourage you to find a way that works for you to talk about anything you need to talk about.

I also encourage you to tell your story through me 🙂
Let’s connect! As you may see in my posts, if you want to do so anonymously, that’s okay too. 😉

A big thanks to my friends, the amazing artists: Benajo Beckles, Dayna Sordam en Jennyfer Ross.

Check out Benajo’s amazing drawings on Instagram here. See what Jenny has to say while vlogging here 🙂 and follow her on instagram here. And see Dayna’s masterpieces on her instagram account right here. 😉

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